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Center for Young Children

Every child has a natural innate curiosity about the world around them. How do things work? Why do they work? Where do things fit? What is this thing made of?

A Unique Pre-School Classroom Experience

The Center for Young Children (CYC) is now offering a valuable and unique STEM classroom learning experience that nurtures your 3 - 6 yr. old child's inquisitive nature. CYC engages your child in a fun and exciting learning method, the scientific inquiry method, so your child can observe, examine, question, analyze, and find answers to understand this world. Read more.

Infants and Toddlers

Our high quality care now begins with infants and toddlers. The most important aspect of the infant and toddler program is relationship building; not just with the teachers, but also with the other children in the classroom. Once children know they can trust their caregivers to meet their daily needs with love, care, respect, support and encouragement, infants and toddlers gain confidence in exploring their well-designed environments. They also gain confidence in engaging in social interactions with their classmates while they learn and play together. The teachers nurture these relationships and use the experiences that infants and toddlers have on a daily basis to teach children how to work together to develop positive communication and social skills. Find out more here!

IUPUI Music Academy

The IUPUI Music Academy offers music classes for children ages 3-6, using the Harmony Road Program. This curriculum is an exciting comprehensive music program designed to help children discover the world of music through motivating materials and "hands on" activities: hearing, feeling, moving, singing, creating, sharing, reading and playing percussion and keyboard instruments. This early background is most important for success in all future musical endeavors. Parental involvement at home is highly recommended. Students are strongly encouraged to have their own keyboard or have regular access to a keyboard with at least 36 keys.  Find out more by visiting out website at

STEM Classroom 2015 Tuition Fee

The specialized STEM classrooms in the Fall of 2015 will have a premium price of $230.00 per week. Space will be limited to two classrooms.