From their earliest years, children engage with the world in ways that can promote learning related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In fact, research has shown that all children are innately curious and eager to explore their environment and learn about a wide variety of causes and effects. Our STEM preschool experience provides a setting in which children can wonder, solve, learn and grow. Trained teachers will guide student lead investigations that are project based and introduces the scientific method to the learning process. The curriculum is built upon the Indiana’s Early Learning Development Framework for physical, life, earth and space sciences, weather and engineering processes. Additionally, art, reading, writing and play time is included throughout the day providing a holistic learning experience. This innovative program allows children to explore their world and provides the foundations for continued intellectual and academic growth preparing them for future success!

  • Introduction of scientific tools such as the microscope, magnifying glasses, rulers, weights and balances
  • Technology integration via an interactive smart board
  • Introduction to the scientific method
  • Guest instructors and collaborators from IUPUI STEM departments and offices to compliment daily instruction
  • Documenting student growth through each STEM related field
  • Daily Carpet Time = Hypotheses Time – Children develop hypothesis and then investigate through hands-on experimentation
  • Record and describe changes in weather and seasons
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Jennifer Bohannon

Jennifer Bohannon

Jennifer joined the CYC in May of 2012. She received her Elementary Education degree with a concentration in science from IUPUC in 2008. She lives in Fountaintown with her husband Ryan, son Cullen, and two miniature dachshunds Shorts and Gretchen. Jennifer’s goals include being a great STEM teacher by incorporating various technologies into her daily plans, helping kids discover knowledge through hands-on experiments, and assisting children in becoming great problem solvers.
Vikki Tucher

Vikki Tucher

Vikki started her career at the Center for Young Children in 2000 as a Kindergarten teacher and is now teaching one of our two STEM focused classrooms. She earned a Master’s degree in Elementary Education with a focus in Early Childhood from IUPUI in 2008. She teaches with a mixture of inquiry and project based learning that is designed to engage her students in exploring their world while developing a foundation in all learning domains. Vikki enjoys gardening, reading, and is a lover of all animals, big and small.

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