Meal Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM Snack Crispix Raisin Bran Corn Flakes Rice Crispies Oat O's
Breakfast Veggie Sausage Patty and Grape Juice Biscuit and Apple Juice Muffin and Orange Juice English Muffin and Banana Pita and Apple Slices
Lunch BBQ Chicken or Tofu, Broccoli Carrot Mix, Grapes, Applesauce, and a Bun Meatballs or Crumbled Veggie Patty, Roasted Potatoes, Peaches, and a Dinner Roll Pulled Pork or BBQ Veggie Crumble, Baked Beans, Melon Salad, and a Wheat Bun Veggie Refried Beans, Corn, Apricots, and a Flour Tortilla Veggie or Pepperoni Flat Bread Pizza, Green Beans, and Mandarin Oranges
PM Snack Apple Muffin Strawberries Pineapple Bosco Sticks Assorted Crackers

All meals are served with milk

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